Over a decade ago, I completed this version of my website dealing with the media crisis - which was re-issued in book form in France by Cédric Biagini of Éditions l'échappée (Paris) in the spring of 2015.

The foreword to the new book edition of Media Crisis can also serve as an introduction to some of the themes covered in this website.

Click here for the new English Introduction.

Cliquez ici pour la version français.


Those of you who have already used this website, will notice some major changes.

Since many of the sections showing the availability of each film were completely out-of-date, we decided to remove them entirely, and we ask you to please use the following link for information to show / use my work: peter_watkins.

This link will put you directly in touch with us: Oliver Groom of Project X Distribution in Canada, and my son Patrick Watkins and myself in France - we will help you as best we can. Given the technological changes that keep occurring, as well as the history of the marginalisation of my work, it might not always be possible to supply you with a copy in the latest formats. Some films are available only as DVD, an older digital version, or a used 35mm print. Sometimes you may have to contact the original producers. We will let you know.

In the meantime, the good news is that Oliver Groom has produced a new cinema version of Edvard Munch and a full DVD version of The Journey. We also now have a DCP of Punishment Park for cinema screenings.

Please do not use my e-mail link to ask for interviews or to write articles. Thank you! Also, I generally stopped appearing in public with my work some years ago. I hope to explain these decisions in an article I plan to write for this site next year.

I much appreciate your understanding and support!

Peter Watkins,
France, 2016



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