Over a decade ago, I completed this version of my website dealing with the media crisis, which was subsequently published in book form in France by Alain Dichant of Homnispheres (Paris), with a second edition in 2007. Cédric Biagini of Éditions l'échappée (Paris) is planning to publish a third edition of Media Crisis, which should be available in the spring of 2015. The Foreword to the book can also serve as an introduction to some of the themes covered in this website. Click here for the English version.

Cliquez ici pour la version français.

The cover photo shown here is of the Homnispheres edition. The Éditions l'échappée reprint may have a different image.

For a number of years, Oliver Groom, of Project X Distribution in Toronto, Canada, has been restoring and authoring the 14hr 30min global peace film The Journey for release on DVD. Oliver has also been responsible for the restoration and DVD release of Edvard Munch and a number of my other films. The restoration of The Journey has been especially difficult, due to its length, and certain technical problems with some of the material. However, the film is now available in North America from Oliver Groom, and in France from Doriane Films (who have also produced French DVD versions of nearly all my other works).

For information about the film and details on how to obtain the DVD version of The Journey please click here, or enter Films on the right side of the Home page, and then click on The Journey in the list that appears on the left side of that page.

A detailed description of each of Watkins' films, with extracts from reviews of the films, and information on their current availability.

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NOVEMBER 2013 - Hello. I would like to share some new information in addition to what exists in the ‘Availability’ sections on each film.

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