Over a decade ago, I completed this version of my website dealing with the media crisis. It was re-issued in book form in France by Cédric Biagini of Éditions l'échappée, (Paris) lechappee.org in the spring of 2015.

Latest critical media statement by Peter Watkins (2018).

STATEMENTS Media critical articles
New posting - MAY 15, 2018.

LA COMMUNE La nouvelle direction de 13 Productions à Paris vient de sortir une version DCP plus courte de La Commune pour le cinéma commercial. C’est la version que j’ai spécialement produite en 2005. Ce DCP est disponible soit en Français seul, soit avec ajout de sous-titres en Anglais. Veuillez nous faire connaitre ce que vous souhaitez et nous vous mettrons en relation soit avec 13 Productions pour la version cinema de 3 heures 30 minutes, soit avec l’association Rebond for La Commune (Patrick Watkins) pour des projections-débats de la version TV d’origine de 5 heures 45 minutes.

LA COMMUNE The new management of 13 Productions in Paris has just released a shorter (3 hrs 30 mins) DCP version of La Commune for commercial cinema release. This is the specially edited version I produced in 2005. This DCP is available either with French dialogue only, or with added English subtitles. Please let us know your requirements, and we will connect you either with 13 Productions for commercial cinema screenings of the DCP version, or with the association Rebond for La Commune (Patrick Watkins) for non-commercial discussion showings of the original 5 hrs 45 mins TV version.


Due to constant changes, we have decided to remove the sections showing the availability of each of my films, and we ask you instead to please contact me directly via the contact form below regarding access to my work for theatrical and non-theatrical screenings and DVD copies. Depending on the request, I will either deal with it directly if it concerns a film to which I have the rights, or else I will ask you to contact the relevant distributor or rights-holder, or I will pass your request on to Oliver Groom if it concerns Edvard Munch, or on to Patrick Watkins or 13 Productions in Paris, depending on which version of La Commune you wish to screen (see side-panel).

In consideration of life’s potential to abruptly present unforeseen challenges, we have also decided to include my spouse VIDA URBONAVICIUS as joint recipient of inquiries regarding my filmwork and writings.

Kindly note that I no longer give interviews, either verbally or in writing.

I sincerely appreciate your understanding and support!

Peter Watkins,

France, 2018


© Peter Watkins 2018