With much regret, my spouse Vida and I have decided to set aside the administrative work we have been engaged on since 2000, as well as responding to requests to make copies of my work available for screenings. We are handing over this administrative work, as well as the rights to the moral and intellectual ownership of my work (being part of my legacy), to my sons Patrick and Gerard Watkins, who will respond to future messages and requests via peterwatkinsfilms@gmail.com. Please note, this e-mail address does not reach me, it is the direct way of contacting Patrick regarding the availability of my films.

Formerly, beginning in the 1960s, my work was shown either on TV, in cinemas, or as DVDs. The ongoing suppression of my work and the increasing standardization of film form, means that TV no longer shows my work. With the marked exception of Doriane Films in Paris, (see below) DVDs of my work are seldom available, and my films are rarely invited into cinemas for theatrical screenings. To prevent the literal disappearance of my work, therefore, and with the invaluable aid of the former Canadian distributor Oliver Groom, over the past few years we have built up a collection of digital FILE copies of my work. These files are the versions of my work which Patrick and Gerard will now be handling, and which will be available under certain conditions for showing in cinemas, small group screenings, and for use in media education.

I am also now preparing a full length PDF document detailing my film work, its critical themes, as well as its ongoing marginalization, and support. I hope that this analysis of the profound crisis in the audiovisual media will be available for public debate at any screenings of my work. In the meantime, before this statement is completed, please note that this website already contains descriptions of each film, with brief summaries of the professional resistance to my work, as well as an earlier example of one of my full-length critical statements.


I regret that I am no longer available to attend screenings of my work, or to respond to requests for interviews.

As noted above, the only available DVD copies of my work are French-only, distributed by Doriane Films in Paris, France. www.capuseen.com Tel: ++33 (0) 1 44 74 77 11.
For these, please contact Doriane directly.

Thank you very much for your support.

Peter Watkins & Vida Urbonavičius,
January, 2024.

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